Other Sites

There are a lot of other sites out there that talk about games over the course of history but most don’t really focus so much on the history as they do on the games themselves. Some of these focus on specific categories of games, like RPGs:

“Adventure games” can be a broad category in and of itself and some sites will cover those. A good example:

Sometimes sites will focus on a sub-category within a broader category. For example, within the category of “adventure games” some focus mostly, or even solely, on text adventures. Some examples:

Some sites will even focus on just one particular game series:

And, of course, some resources free range over many different categories of games:

In all cases, these other sites I reference are mostly chronicles of games being played, which makes them extremely valuable. These other sites provide a way to see all of these games in action if you don’t want to try to play them yourself.

That being said, there’s not really a historical component to these other sites beyond maybe a slight recounting of some relevant historical details here and there. Some other sites do attempt to provide a more historical view. Some of the more interesting I found are:

The level and quality of history telling varies massively between the two but both are invaluable efforts to situating gaming within a broader history.